Mike Cameron
Mike has been a developer for a decade. He enjoys flow, autonomy and challenge.
Vobius Software
Mike founded his own game development company in 2012.


Dog Might LLC.
Board games with bite..

Dog Might makes awesome board games that are focused on quality and humor. Mike co-founded the company in 2013 with artist Michael C Konas.

The company's first game will be in market in 2013 folloed by two additional titles in 2014.


Vobius Software LLC.
Vobius was founded in 2012 by Mike.

With 10 years of dev work under the belt, Mike set out to create an environment that was truly developer oriented.

A man of many hats, Mike has been in the industry a long time and has a plethora of skills and experience he brings to the company.


TeamSpace Canada Inc.
Mike worked within a team of awesome professionals dedicated to developing rich, engaging experiences.

TeamSpace uses the latest architectures and design techniques to build robust enterprise level solutions for businesses large and small.


Revolve Branding Inc.
At Revolve Mike was the lead developer within an agile and dynamic group.

The varied client base at Revolve gave Mike the opportunity to work on interesting and award-winning interactive projects.

Working at this busy branding agency involved a variety of projects: web application development, CMS deployment & management, design integration and heaps of interactive development.


Dakis Inc.
At Dakis, Mike acted as a Flash and web developer.

He created a multi-client, multilingual web and kiosk based front-end for the 'Dakis Humanized Expert'.

He developed a centralized application code base which was built for use with retailer specific features. Mike applied run-time color management, CSS schematic, class structure and native inheritance of Flash objects and components to achieve a flexible, extendable, and skin-able front-end application.


Bell Aliant Inc.
Mike worked within the Aliant eLearning Team producing various form of media, projects and tools.

He worked on projects such as: eLearning safety course modules, wireless course modules, Canada Labor Code online course, presentations for management, interactive training projects and web based applications


Featured Projects

Dalhousie University
Project: 'Discover the Unexpected' Campaign

A strong online presence solidified the impact of this student enrollment campaign. The interactive portions of this project effectively illustrated just how unexpected Dalhousie University can be. Buy showing off Dal's groovy side with video, student feedback and a cool profile, this campaign inspired the undergrad to take a closer look at Dalhousie.

Peter Kohler Windows
Project: Web Presence

Spanning 3 domains and sporting a plethora of features, this custom CMS is a fantastic showcase project. This behemoth featured: multiple regions, geo-location, interactive product chooser, custom quote generation, blogs, feedback mechanisms, Q&A functionality, multiple levels of user management, custom tagging system for cross content relations, on-the-fly media management controls, and a custom admin panel for detailed site management.

Moose Light
Project: Moose Light Beer League

Users can make assists, get penalties, score goals and everything in between by submitting their under-the-cap pin codes online. This pin and win contest tracks user (and team) stats and tallies and awards prizes. Features include: Player draft, Player of the Week, Instant Prizing, Full Team and Player Standings, Facebook integration and custom multilingual support.


Nova Scotia Liquor Commission
Project: 'Jonzed' Campaign

Featuring photos, video, viral pass-around, and and his own movie trailer, Jonze has helped social responsibility become a household word. This award winning project engaged the user via all form of multimedia, providing a glimpse into the life of Jonze via the magic of the interwebs.

Project: 'Lots of Ways' Campaign

Spanning 2 years, this award winning campaign showcases the get-home-safe business from three unique angles. Following the day to day of Joe, Donnie, and Willie, we're convinced of the underlying message of getting home safely. The message of social responsibility was spread via all available channels: interactive web sites, social media and TV spots.

Atlantic Lottery
Project: ALC Annual Report

Envisioned for engagement and accessability, ALC's Annual Reports were taken to the web. This interactive project featured a playful way to explore the world of Atlantic Lottery. This multilingual project combined audio, video, images and a gaming element to produce a polished experience.

Timber Mart
Project: World Juniors Hockey Video Challenge

The TIM-BR Mart Video Challenge produced an overwhelming response from hockey teams, parents and coaches. Players could upload their own hockey videos in real-time, then rally their team to generate votes. With support from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Hockey fan blogs, and the viral online videos, this project was an overwhelming success.

Project: TIM-BR Mart Consumer Site

This custom web application supported 300+ independent dealers across Canada. The application provided a region specific online presence taylored to each individual store owner. From building projects, to interactive page-flipping online flyers, to 3d virtual home tours, to contacting website members with special offers, the TIM-BR Mart website is a comprehensive solution for dealers.

Project: TIM-BR Mart Enerhome

The EnerGrade model home was built to showcase the latest energy effecient homes over the web and in TIM-BR Mart stores on Kiosk. Sporting 360 degree panoramas, an energy calculator, and product information this flash project did it''s job with gusto.

High School Quiz Show
Project: Real-Time Quiz

The interactive piece brought HSQS fans together to compete with each other in real time. Themed around the show, online contestants answered a series of questions agains the timer.


About Mike
Mike is working on bringing a few projects to market.

He is primarily working toward a release of his desktop game AstraForge, as well as developing a new card game called Lakebilly.

Mike's technical experience ranges from design to development. His current favourites include: Java, openGL, php, MySQL and responsive web design. Mike is a moderate generalist with a handful of very specializations.

Aside from banging on a keyboard all day Mike also enjoys woodworking, cycling, running and meditation. He lives in Michigan with his wife, their son, and their two mangy dogs.